Terry K. Wasserman, sole practitioner, has served the legal and mental health communities for over 20 years. Specializing in Mental Health Legal Services, the firm has developed a network of M.D.'s, Attorneys, Hospitals, Treatment Centers, Support Groups, Conservators, Social Workers and Mental Health professionals.

One of the tragedies of mental illness, drug addiction &/or alcohol abuse is that, unlike other diseases, friends and family are often impacted with not only the normal grief or sadness felt for a loved one suffering with any disease, but with the burden of dealing with treatment options, and many times, law enforcement and the courts.

If you have a loved one, aged parent or child that suffers from mental illness, addiction or, perhaps, the onset of dementia and need help navigating the maze of treatment options, legal system or the criminal justice system, we invite you to contact us to discuss your problem. We may be able to suggest a course of action that will protect and defend the interests of the afflicted, as well as those of family members and other loved ones.

Terry Wasserman has gained recognition for his skill and dedication in helping family members and their loved ones, struggling with chronic mental illness and the consequences of impaired judgement, in some cases, leading to incarceration and other legal problems.


"For many years I have specialized in delivering mental health legal services with an emphasis on salvaging human lives"


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